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Our Story

Our Beginning

 On January 2011, I bought my first Boston terrier puppy named Dexter. He was an inside dog, kennel trained and had several pet beds throughout the house. The kennel I used for Dexter was a small plastic kennel that I would have to hide in the laundry room when not in use, due to its unsightly appearance. Dexter’s bedding was placed at the foot of the nightstand in the bedroom and at the foot of the side table next to the couch.
  After constantly tripping over Dexter’s bedding and tired of hiding his kennel anytime guest would visit, I started to formulate a solution to the problem. The thought of combining the furniture and places Dexter slept the most started to form, (at the foot of the nightstand and side table). The idea for Dexter’s Digs was born. A pet kennel and bedding hid within a piece of stylish furniture. I noticed that there were few companies addressing this problem or creating appealing designs, I realized there was an opportunity to create a product that would appeal to pet owners who value fine-design and craftsmanship.

Dexter's Story

  Dexter was my first Boston terrier and my first smaller dog. We had an instant connection and soon were best friends. He was quite the character and one smart and loyal dog as any Boston owner can attest. Dexter and I were always playing ball and going on road trips every chance we had.

Our Vision

We plan to donate a percentage of our sales go to pet shelters to give rescue pets the chance for a life of luxury and love, and to raise awareness for sheltered pets.